The Secret Government

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just finished watching the 1987 Bill Moyers PBS documentary on Iran-Contra. I vaguely remember my mom watching the Iran-Contra hearings when I was a kid. I came across this video while reading an old post by Glenn Greenwald today. He noted the similarity between George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan's administrations when it came to law breaking and secrecy.

I've never understood why people revere Oliver North. He's such a despicable man. That he's a commentator on Fox News these days is even more...well, why do those viewers trust a man who made his name on being a liar? Are they just people who didn't have a good history and/or civics class in high school? Props to the former marine who said he wanted to throw something at his tv after Ollie North opened his mouth.

This 90-minute documentary is particularly relevant when you consider the recent news of president-approved assassinations of U.S. citizens abroad.

We keep sinking to lower depths of depravity.


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