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>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is what I noted back in August:

Robert Pattinson in particular is trying to hide out.

Am told by Vancouver airport sources that they’ve never had a request like the one they had for him the other day to get him out of YVR, a stealth exit so as not to be surrounded by crazies. Said the source: that kid is afraid for his life
Poor kid. The Twilight psychos are probably just fueling the probability that Pattinson is going to turn to drugs to escape his problems just like everyone else in Hollywood.
Sure enough, what appeared today? A blind item that can only be about Robert Pattinson:
Watching how he copes

It can be hard to breathe when you’re as young and as famous as he is. He copes in public situations not unlike many of his counterparts in the industry – as alarming as this sounds, a bump here and there is pedestrian in Hollywood. He’s been known however to lock himself in the bathroom and blow until he can face the world. But a word of advice to our fresh star – people know, and they are watching, and they are offering money to those around you, some friendly, some unfriendly, to catch you in a compromising position. So be careful who you trust. Fortunately, for your sake, so far they’ve refused to sell you out. But everyone has a price. People with children and mortgages have a price. And eventually someone will cave. And if you’re still hiding out in the toilet and rubbing your nose in it, suffice to say that photo can set them up for life. Careful now.
Poor kid. I bet he's beginning to contemplate a life in theater on the West End. Whatever he can do to get away from the TwiHard Nation. Considering the strangling attempt last summer it looks like it can only get worse, not better.


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