George W. Bush believes in the Shock Doctrine

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Later in the day I opted for Oliver Stone’s documentary “South of the Border,” rather than Atom Egoyan’s “Chloe,” and I couldn’t have been happier about that. The film is a superb look at the heads of state throughout the South American nations, those deemed dictators and enemies because they don’t consider the financial interests of the U.S. a priority. It’s a great piece concerning, among other things, the influence of the International Monetary Fund and the culture of ignorance in this country that has allowed the public perception of leaders like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Néstor Kirchner (formerly presiding over Peru) and the Castro brothers.

There’s an incredible moment when Kirchner relates a conversation he had with President George W. Bush during which the then Commander-in-Chief stated, rather bluntly, that the best way to economic stability for the Peruvian government was war.
--Kristopher Tapley, writing on the Santa Barbara Film Festival for


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