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>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great news this week:
A film distribution company has bought the rights to a documentary about the Mormon church's role in a California ballot initiative to ban gay marriage.

Filmmaker Reed Cowan says "8: The Mormon Proposition" will hit theaters this spring and a DVD will follow. Cowan says he sold the film's North American distribution rights to Red Flag Releasing.
All right! I made the right decision not to plunk down $15 to see this during Sundance. I'll probably be able to see it for less than half of that when it plays in Salt Lake upon release. Or Netflix it.
Church officials have denounced the film as inaccurate and biased. But at the time of the Jan. 24 premiere, they said they hadn't seen the movie.

Today, church spokeswoman Kim Farah declined to comment on the film's distribution deal.

Cowan said he'd like to know which parts of the film are wrong. He also wants an opportunity to interview church officials and add their comments to the movie. Church officials declined requests for interviews during the making of the film.

"I would hold a screening at church headquarters for them," Cowan said in telephone interview from his home in the Miami-area. "I would love to know line by line what's inaccurate."

In 2008, church leaders urged Mormons to give their time and money to support Proposition 8, which passed with 52 percent of the vote. Church members were among the campaign's most vigorous volunteers and by some estimates contributed tens of millions to the effort.
I'd like to know what is allegedly "wrong" too. Actually, I know those statements are just public relations bluster. They don't have a good excuse for what they did in California, but they'd like to maintain their not-for-profit tax status just the same.

I always thought this quote from the current Prop 8 trial in California demonstrated the LDS church's level of involvement in this political activity:
"He has also been hired by the coalition to do polling work for Prop 8. The main California grass roots leaders are in the process of being called as, quote, area directors, end quote, with the responsibility for areas that generally correspond to each of the 17 LDS coordinating councils for the LDS mission boundaries. Thereafter, priesthood leaders will call local prop coordinators over each stake and leaders by zip code within each ward - potentially working not only with LDS, but also LDS volunteers."
Non-partisan my ass.

The film's official website is here.


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