Sherlock Holmes

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My mother decided she wanted to see this last Friday. I was pretty shocked. I told her it was more action-y than other Sherlock Holmes films. That didn't dissuade her. We saw it on a Saturday matinee, no way were we going to see it at 4:30 on Sunday during the Oscar red carpet.

I've finally seen a Guy Ritchie film. I'm not quite sure what the fuss was all about; although, I did enjoy Sherlock except for the first half hour where I thought my ears were going to get blown out. Mon Dieu! I thought I was at a rock concert without the ear plugs. I'm not talking about sound design, the volume really was up too high. They must have turned it down at one point. I'm not sure when, but it made watching the first part way too difficult because it was just down right uncomfortable.

I really liked RDJ as Sherlock. The only other Sherlock Holmes film I've seen was Young Sherlock Holmes, which always freaked me out as a kid. The two Sherlock films I've seen both have story lines or investigations into the occult/paranormal. But back to RDJ, I seriously can't see anyone else in the role at this point. He talks so fast so naturally that it seems to follow that his mind would click at a light-quick pace.

Above all, I really like the score. I've had that banjo and piano in my head in one way or another for a couple days now.

Shame it lost the Art Direction Oscar to Avatar. I would have liked to see Sherlock win something. At least there will be a sequel.


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