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>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Entertainment Weekly decided to name the 20 best Oscar dresses of the last 20 years, then Marion Cotillard's white revelation should have been in the top 10.

It is definitely better than Jennifer Lopez's lime-green sari from 2003. Seriously, why is that dress even included?

Same with Claire Danes's blue skirt and sweater combo. I don't even remember that sartorial choice existing. I do, however, remember Catherine Zeta-Jones appearing in a stunning red dress either that year or about the same time. That dress was worthy of a mention considering it helped to establish her as a star.

Marion's white dress is still far superior to Angelina Jolie's white dress from 2004. Without the Jolie in that white halter with a shitload of jewels, there's nothing memorable about it.

Who does the fashion section of EW? Seriously, every time I review their best dressed after a huge gala I cringe because they pick the most boring dresses. (And I don't even consider myself to be much of a fashionista.)


Janel B 10 March, 2010 14:34  

The most glaring omission is Uma Thurman's lavender Prada gown from 1995.

House of Brat 10 March, 2010 21:10  

See, that's another one. They put Kim Basinger's dress from 1998 in there, but I could have cared less about that one. I didn't find anything significant about that. But, yeah, you're right. Uma's Prada from '95 should totally be there. It put Prada on the map.

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