The Dark Knight Rises

>> Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally saw this so I can read all the commentary about it. That might almost take me as long as watching the movie.

My thoughts before I watched the movie basically amounted to the following: 
  • Bane will break Batman, probably his back, because why else would you have Bane around?
  • Batman will have to recover from having his back broken.
  • Why does Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) not have her hair covered? Like, in this world of DNA testing, would you really want to leave stray hairs around?
  • It's almost THREE hours long? Wha? This isn't Lord of the Rings. C'mon!
  • Oh, some people speculated that Marion Cotillard was playing Talia al Ghul because of her appearing on one of the Batmobiles in a picture. I thought to myself, "No way would they go there because they'd just concentrate on having a new villain each picture." 
So there I was watching Bruce Wayne finally get laid in who knows how many years, and wouldn't you know it, there is a little scar on Marion Cotillard's back that was prominently photographed. And I thought to myself, "Please no. Not Talia al Ghul. Something else. Please."

Nope, it's Talia and the League of Shadows.

Which makes me feel like, wait, didn't I see the last third of this movie before? Wasn't it titled Batman Begins? The whole shock and surprise that, hey, your "true" villain was someone else the whole time has already been done before BY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN.

I actually got angry while I was watching the last 10-15 minutes or so. I wanted to pull Talia's eyes out, but really, it's Christopher Nolan's I'd rather pull out. I just spent two plus hours watching Batman get broken and put himself back together to realize that Nolan used the same gimmick that he did in the first movie.


I feel ripped off. And I am pissed off because of it. Because by the third Batman movie, Bruce hasn't matured or learned much. He's clearly back at square one, the entire movie, because why else would you make the same mistake TWICE. That whole learning curve that he went through on the first two movies is clearly gone.

There's certainly some arrogance to him in the first half until he is broken by Bane, which makes sense, but the sudden attachment to Miranda Tate... I found it really annoying. Was it supposed to be a shock regarding damsels in distress or something?

And don't even get me started on the thought that most people had that there would be "issues" discussed after the film was released. When I saw the final theatrical trailer, I thought perhaps that there would be. After seeing the movie, oh hell no. There is no sociological or political issue that could possibly be discussed. It's a bunch of thugs terrorizing people under the guise of thematic originality. A city trapped in its confines but wanting to escape to safety? Done in The Dark Knight. A group of thugs led by someone our hero trusted? I give you Batman Begins.

When I saw Guy Lodge's tweet, where he gave the film a C/C+, I couldn't quite believe it. But after having seen it, I totally believe it. Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle is the most vivacious thing in the film. She is the bright spot in this extraordinarily long dirge. I was pleasantly surprised I liked her Catwoman as much as I did.

(Yes, The Avengers was WAY better!)


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