>> Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finally got to see this last night on HBO. Didn't have time Monday night, plus I didn't want to be watching it when everyone else was in case the servers had problems. (Yeah, I know it's not Game of Thrones, but you never know.)

Watching it completely brought me back to the point in time when all of this happened. I started reading Glenn Greenwald back when he was at Salon. I stumbled across his first blog right before he started at Salon. I followed him over to The Guardian where I was able to still read him every day (mostly). I can still vaguely remember the Glenn's first post about this and kind of having my jaw drop. I say "kind of" because after reading GG for years, it wasn't a complete surprise that some of this was going on. His next posts were--I thought--more shocking. After reading the second or third article, I was pretty much convinced that the NSA can watch us through our webcams whenever they want, and after having watched the film that is probably correct.

I can still remember when Laura Poitras' interview videos were published, and Jeremy Scahill's "holy shit" reaction. Seeing Snowden before the interview--not in the grey dress shirt--and after when he gets prepared to depart the hotel room was quite interesting. I really got the sense that there was tension and worry in the room since they had to worry about electronic surveillance. And hearing that VoIP phones could be turned on as mics as listening It really does make you worry about anything being used to follow you at any time. My previous experience of VoIP phones were at work when we transitioned from regular phones to VoIP. They were annoying to use in case of power outages because I still remember a guy on my vanpool having to use his cell phone to call somewhere to tell them that his building was without power. Couldn't use the VoIP phone because it wouldn't work without power.

The ending in Russia does make me curious who GG's current source is. It sounds like it's someone high up in the Obama Administration. Who knows if we'll ever know who it is? And, of course, more articles are still being published such as one today on Canada's surveillance state.

I do find the Jyotish commentary that I've seen on Snowden--by James Kelleher and Edith Hathaway--to be quite interesting. Based on what they've had to say, I think it's safe to say that he will be a public figure regarding privacy and the internet for quite some time. We definitely haven't seen the last of him yet, even though he's still in Russia.

On an entirely different note, GG has such cute dogs!


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