The Lord of the Rings

>> Friday, February 13, 2015

13 years! I finally finished in 13 years!

That would be off-and-on reading. I started back in 2002, after buying a copy when The Fellowship of the Ring came out in the theaters the prior December. I read off and on the first year. Read several chapters on a plane flying back to Tacoma from Chicago in spring of 2003.

But then I stopped. I think I may have picked it up once or twice in the years after that, but I certainly didn't get very far, probably just enough to finish The Fellowship of the Ring and get into The Two Towers. I don't recall attempting to read it again until summer 2012, where I made absolutely no progress.

Finally, this past December (2014), I picked it up again and made HUGE strides. I finished by reading from the middle of The Two Towers (just before the first half) to the end of the appendices.

What I think was most surprising--about reading this much of it at the end--was how quickly the pages went by, except why I was stressed about my mother's health. Compared to the last book I read (but didn't quite finish), reading LOTR was a breeze even though I knew how things were going to turn out. If I had read this before the movies had come out, this probably would have been a lightning fast read, even though it's a densely written 1,000+ page book.

Tolkien is a great writer. His prose makes me feel like I write like a fifth grader. I'm actually looking forward to reading The Silmarillion. I'm pretty sure I can get to it this spring.


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