How to Become a Straight-A Student

>> Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yeah, I read this shit. That's the one nice thing about being on winter break. You can finally catch up on the things you planned on reading before you started grad school. I totally planned on reading this summer before I started but wasn't able to pull my head out of my ass to get it done before I moved.


Technically, I did get straight As in my first semester, which did include two A-minuses. But, I know part of that was sheer luck since my first semester classes are easier than what's going to be coming down the pike. Well, there's that, and the fact that I want to do well learning this grad school shit. I didn't spend years thinking about it to just not engage with this stuff.

And that's what I really like about Cal Newport's stuff. It's so simple, easy, and efficient to understand. He's full of good ideas that I know will work on implementation if I just follow through and do it, which is why I took five pages of notes on all the tips and tricks in this book. I particularly like the work progress journal idea since having an electronic task list just didn't work as well as I thought it would.

It also reminds me that I should start taking a look at his blog on a regular basis again. The first post I came across a few days ago was him writing about The Feynman Notebook Method. I have no idea who Richard Feynman is, but this strategy of having a notebook where you document the things you don't know or understand is brilliant. Like, I could understand things well enough to pass my exams on the day I took them--even better than other people in my class--but I couldn't describe things to level I really want when I think back on it in retrospect. Since we're not allowed to keep our exams, one professor would allow us to keep our exam essays. I was never interested in taking the first two. I thought briefly about taking the one from the final, but then I thought to myself I will never touch that thing if I take it home. But now--after reading about the Feynman thing--I'm thinking that perhaps I should have taken it home and punched it up. I guess I will have to get myself another notebook and deconstruct everything from memory, so I can remember what I've learned and what I still don't know jack shit about.



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