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>> Saturday, May 7, 2016

Added this to my book list a long time ago after I heard an interview with the author on Fresh Air. Don't remember much of the interview now really except for her mentioning that she was on drugs most of the time. Or was it part of the time? I don't really remember. It was probably 6 years since I actually heard the interview.

I had a lull in part of my past semester when I finally became motivated to check something out of the library again. I don't remember what caused me to check it out since I have like 100 books ahead of it on my reading list but whatever. I think I only got 20-40 pages in before I had to put it down due to my school work. Was able to finish it last week since I'm now on break.

The drug use--I have to admit I'm always surprised when I read about someone and their drug habits. Like...heroin? Really? Why? Granted, I just finished reading a book that said exactly why. I think she even mentioned a few times--or told stories--where she injected speedballs without a clean needle. Ew!! I remember growing up when there was no cure for AIDS and if you got it you died. And for me...reading about someone who didn't use a clean needle to inject...I automatically associate it with getting HIV or god knows what kind of disease.

But when I was reading this, I often thought of Fifty Shades of Grey. Haven't seen the move or read any of the books. I have no desire too. But at every mention of pissing on someone or golden showers, part of me thought, "Yeah, I bet that's not in Fifty Shades." And after reading this I have no real desire to read about BDSM. After the author mentioned the phrase "brown showers," I was like, ugh, GROSS. But then she wrote about giving a guy one of those. GROSS! I couldn't move through that page--or maybe it was a page & a half--fast enough. The guy went so far as to smear it all on himself. Yuck! And also...BIOHAZARD! ("Biohazard" is a key word that kept popping into my brain while reading this.

I've read/seen comments where some readers didn't like how she talked about her drug addiction. They only wanted story upon story from the dungeon. I can understand that to a point. It is what makes her story interesting. If she was just a college kid with a drug problem, it's highly unlikely that this would have been a widely published book. But I think it's fairly obvious to say that. I also think that a collection of stories from the dungeon would get boring after a while. My gag reflex doesn't need a workout with a book I've checked out from the library.

The last section of the book included stuff from her therapist sessions, which concludes with getting her to admit she was attracted to being a dominatrix. (She could always admit that she was interested in the money.) The amateur astrologer in me wanted to take a look at her horoscope. I'm curious what she has in her 12th house and where her Mars & Venus are. The other part of me wants to see her tongue and feel her pulse before & after she shot up speedballs. Guess I'll just have to use my imagination on those.


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