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>> Sunday, August 28, 2016

Finally got around to reading a non-school book. I'm not even sure how it popped into my mind to check it out from the library a few days ago, but I did. And man, what a relief it was to finally read this. I suppose that's a weird thing to say, but a) this has been on my to-read list for a couple of years and b) after the somewhat crazy summer I've had, it was nice to read a story about someone calling things straight out.

I've been reading Lainey for almost 11 years. Jeez, where does the time go? Kind of hard to believe it's been that long but then, yeah, it really has been that long. In some ways, this was a really easy read since I feel so familiar with Lainey's way of writing. I saw some reviews on Goodreads that critiqued her writing style. I don't have any problem with it for a book. I thought this was a really easy read. I read this in a day, and I don't regret it (even though I probably should have been doing other things but oh well, I'm on break!). I've been reading about Lainey's mom for 11 years, so perhaps this is a much easier read for me than it would be for other people who have never read Lainey's blog on a regular basis?

Some of the stories in the book are things I know I've read either on Lainey's site or the press, but I didn't mind reading them again in the book. Things such as Ma's quote on preparing for good things:
"Why do you need to prepare for the good things that happen? They're good. They won't hurt you. Do you need advance notice for the arrival of happiness? Or would you rather have advance notice of the hard times? My job is to prepare you for the hard times. My job is to teach you how to avoid the hard times, whenever possible."
Not conventional thinking but still true words.

And when I was reading the chapter "That's So Low Classy," all I could think of was how much a certain Regina George-like character I've had to deal with this past summer could use some Squawking Chicken in her life. Because this "Regina George" did shit where she could use a verbal tongue lashing to knock the rampant insecurity out of her head. And her bullshit drama queen actions. But I'm not going to be so lucky to ever see something like that happen.


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