Captain America: Civil War

>> Sunday, October 2, 2016

After seeing A:AoU at the dollar theater, I pretty much swore to myself that I wasn't going pay to see another Marvel movie for a long time. And since I don't really have time to trek out to the movie theater these days, I don't think that's a bad thing. I mean, I've checked out Ant-Man from the library on three separate occasions and couldn't be that compelled to watch it. I'll probably watch it eventually...

Which brings me to having actually found this available at the library yesterday. I remember putting a hold on it back a few weeks ago--and was number 42 out of 95--so I was pretty surprised to see it on the shelf. Like, would I even be able to check it out? Yup.

And then I almost didn't watch it last night because I was too busy studying. But at 21:30 I bit the bullet and watched it. I figured that if I got a little too tired that I would just hit pause and go to bed. Amazingly I didn't do that.

But Jesus Christ, this movie is LONG! It is way longer than it needs to be. Could easily cut 10 minutes out of it, including trimming some of the fight scenes a bit. Like, after the big fight scene at the airport, I was ready to be done, you know. Wrap it up and decide how you're going to finish. No, there was another 45 minutes to go. Ugh...

And this isn't really a Captain America movie, it is clearly an Avengers movie. With cameos by well-known actors such as Martin Freeman showing up for two to three scenes making me feel like this cinematic series is the equivalent of The Love Boat. Martin Freeman really didn't have to be cast but whatever. I will say that at least I didn't feel like I needed a "previously on..." at the beginning of the movie when watching it, so it does do a few things better than the last Avengers movie.

But, I still feel like there are no consequences to some of the characters actions even though they try and pretend that there are. Like, why is it that Tony still was never made to account for creating Ultron? He created the worst mess, and he pretty much gets to walk away. I just find it so inconsistent. There was a small number of people killed in Wakanda, but huge numbers killed in Sokovia. Yet, it's the explosion in Wakanda that is the last straw, not what happened Sokovia? Really? That's the inconsistency that bugs me about the MCU. Things are allowed to carry on from one film to the next but some of the logic is...consequence lacking.

And then at the end...I'm not sure what to make of the fight at the end. I had long heard/read before I had seen the movie that the Winter Soldier had killed Tony's parents in his brain-washed assassin days, so that was no big surprise for me. But having the big fight at the end over something that happened timeline-wise 25 years ago...maybe I was just tired and wanted this over because I'm not sure I could care. Or maybe it's because I have a hard time believing that a VHS video would have existed of their deaths. Because the Winter Soldier was supposed to record his kills or something? A random security camera video that the Ruskies just happened to have possession of years later? Really? And so convenient that it would be playable 25 years later to goad Iron Man into fighting his friends. Really? That tape went 25 years without damage, and was surprisingly playable in a decrepit facility. REALLY?!?

And I started watching this thinking that Captain America was going to die at the end. Am so disappointed that he didn't. None of the main characters die in this movie. Seems appropriate that the MCU lives at Disney. The sad part at the end is that the Avengers aren't all friends anymore (until the next episode). Oh, I has a sad...

Am in total agreement with Alonso that this is a decent movie, but it's not fantastic. Like, I don't get the rapturous reviews that came out last spring. It's good, but it's definitely not great. Second best Avengers movie. But third best Captain America movie because I really liked the first two. And they were both much better than this.


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