>> Saturday, October 22, 2016

I remember really wanting to see this last year when it came out. Now having seen it, I'm kind of glad I waited to see it, but probably would have rathered seeing some parts on the big screen just due to Roger Deakins's cinematography. Like, those aerial shots going through the border were really interesting to see. And kind of intimidating when the music was playing. I know shit like that probably happens every day, which doesn't shock me at all, but seeing it played out puts it in another dimension.

My main takeaway from watching this was that pot should be legalized and drugs decriminalized. The only reason we're having to fight this ridiculous drug war is because people believe addiction can be solved by making things illegal. Except it obviously hasn't worked and will never work. Fingers crossed that California will fully legalize pot this November. If anything, then all the people who moved to Colorado for it can move back to Cali. (I just would like my rent to drop if more recreational users moved back to where they came from.)


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