>> Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yup, another one I checked out from the library. I was actually excited to see it available last Saturday when I picked it up. And by the time I got around to watch it last night, all I could remember was hearing that this was not a great movie. Um, that's totally true. I decided to watch this last night since I wasn't getting anything else done. Like, if I'm going to sit on my ass and do nothing, then at least I can sit on my ass and watch a movie that I've checked out instead of letting it just sit around on the shelf.

This has to be the most boring Bond movie I can ever remember seeing. Ugh. All I was reminded about was how I went on a string of watching all the Bond movies back when I lived in Tacoma around 2002, and how I fell asleep watching Thunderball. A statement that is complete heresy since I know it's basically against the law to say that you fell asleep watching a Sean Connery 007 movie, but it totally happened. I didn't fall asleep watching Spectre. I just turned it off after an hour and went to bed. I only finished watching it this morning, which included some breaks to fix my breakfast.

Isn't this the one where they didn't have a script complete before they started shooting? I can't remember if that's correct, but it certainly feels that way. Ugh. And Sam Mendes should never direct another Bond movie. I liked Skyfall, but I will never understand why they asked him back to do a second one. This is boring. Plodding. Seemingly pointless. No fun. I find it ironic that my two favorite Bond movies--Goldeneye & Casino Royale--were directed by the same man, Martin Campbell. But those were both Bond movies that introduced a new JB. It's like they put all this good work into starting out, but finishing an actor in this series is a crapshoot.

And I was so annoyed at seeing 007 hitting on Monica Bellucci's character. Ugh, the woman did not appear to be in the mood since she has a super sad face and is grieving, but then she still fucks him? Like, could this be movie making in a paint-by-numbers fashion more obvious? Yeah, I know it's 007 tradition 'n all that, but it just seems so old and tired. This movie's only saving grace is that it looks very pretty. It has a nice glossy sheen all over it's emphatic boringness. I am SO glad I didn't have to shell out money to see this. Not even a good villain either. I think the only genuine thing I liked was seeing Q in Austria & trying to get away at a ski resort. Oh yeah, and the car chase. Not enough to keep me engaged for more than two hours though.


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