>> Saturday, November 5, 2016

Another one that took me multiple checkouts from the library to get around to watching. I watched this five days ago, and I can't think of anything very significant to say about it. I enjoyed watching it. It's a fun, light movie. But five days later, I haven't thought much about it since.

I was kind of surprised at how short/not tall Michael Douglas is. I thought he was taller, but I guess not. Plus, he's probably had some old-man shrinkage in the height department given his age.

The little trip to Avengers headquarters was something I could have done without. The movie was rolling by, and then it needed to have that little detour for the end piece with the rest of the MCU...because cinematic universe continuity. Ugh. I'm kind of over inserting things into every other movie. It's like looking for the Stan Lee cameo, you know it's going to happen at some point but are just stuck there waiting to see how they do it. I suppose at least the way they did it at the end was more entertaining than that jaunt to Avengers HQ.


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