Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

>> Friday, September 30, 2016

I check these things out from the library, and then it ends up taking me two weeks to get around to watching them. Man, this semester is going to kill me.

The most interesting thing was the chick. But, I want to know...why is it that Paula Patton's character couldn't even make a cameo in this one? We still have to limit the number of women in this...for what reason? It can't surely be that it's to imitate James Bond because it's totally possible for Bond to have more than one woman appear in a movie.

This is what annoys me narratively. So many other characters get to come back: Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames--although Ving should always come back. But still, we can't have the female from the previous flick even make a two-minute cameo, at most? Really?

That motorcycle race was definitely the best thing. I could kind of careless about Tommy boy hanging off an airplane demonstrating that he's a manly man. Yeah, it's interesting. Yeah, I also saw it in the trailer. Yeah, I don't remember much else about what the story was before I started watching. Okay, I do remember reading something about the chick being a double agent, but it's not like I watched this for the plot. You know that Tommy boy is going to make it out of drowning in the deep alive. You know he's going to catch the chick on the motorcycle bike. You know that some of the supporting characters are more interesting, i.e. Ving & Simon, than Ethan Hunt. (No, Jeremy doesn't deserve to be included.)

But still, we couldn't have more than one female character in this movie? Really?


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