The Crown

>> Friday, February 24, 2017

Finally finished this last night. It took me almost a month to finish this because I've been so damn busy. There were two weeks in between the last two episodes I watched last night, and when I watched episode 8. It was almost as if I couldn't really remember where the story was when I started watching again. I guess that's the power of midterms...

Anyway, I think the episodes in the first half are the best. That and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. His episode focused on his portrait was quite excellent. Had no idea that had even happened. Too bad the painting didn't survive. And I didn't recognize Stephen Dillane (aka Stannis Baratheon) as the painter until I saw his name on cast list.

It's really kind of hard to understand or perhaps empathize with some of the drama back in the 1950s though. I mean, Princess Margaret's situation regarding wanting to marry Peter Townsend wouldn't happen today. And it's even harder to understand why the government wouldn't allow it when so many cabinet members and MPs were divorced and remarried. Hypocrites & politics always go together though.

I actually am looking forward to more of the future seasons, particularly when they get to Margaret's scandal & divorce in the 70s and Diana. Can't wait to see how they handle Diana.

I also can't wait until 2060 when the British Parliament can reveal that Prince Philip isn't Prince Andrew's biological father. I always thought it was weird how different Andrew looked compared to Charles & Edward. Now I understand why. Lord Porchester is his biological father. Only four more decades to go before it's officially revealed!


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