>> Saturday, May 6, 2017

Has it really been three years since this was released in theaters? With all the airline shit that has been happening recently, this movie feels completely relevant. Not because it's completely realistic. But because it captures my current feelings of what a shit show it is to be on an airplane because you need to fly. All you want is to get from point A to point B like you planned, but other punks on the plane have different ideas. One wrong word and you're going to be screwed. It kind of reminded me of Speed, where everyone is trapped on the bus; although, it didn't have the element of the protagonist possibly being crazy.

I really enjoyed the who-dun-it aspect of this movie. It wasn't easy to figure out. I'm not sure I buy the motive of the villain/hijacker/terrorist at the end, but this isn't supposed to be a completely realistic movie. Great cast though, which kept me thinking as to who it could possibly be.

This is the first Liam Neeson action-renaissance movie I've seen since he started doing those almost 10 years ago. I've long wanted to see The Grey but just haven't been able to watch it yet.


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