Doctor Strange

>> Sunday, July 2, 2017

Watched this last week while continuing my preference to not pay for another Marvel movie in the theater. (I might make an exception for Black Panther when it comes out next February, but I have 8 months until that happens.) And a week later, I can't really find a whole lot to say about it.

There's such a paint-by-numbers aspect to the story line. Rachel McAdams' character, whose name I can't remember, is the love interest, but that seems perfunctory & pointless, particularly after watching Wonder Woman. Did her character really need to have a romantic angle to it? I think it could have just worked fine if they were very good friends; his asshole quality would still shine through without the love of a good-woman-type thing going on.

The only thing worth remembering is the end fight with Dormammu, and that's only because Strange was able to defeat him using his brain, not fists. Oh, and maybe the, not really. It's a good gag that probably will get used over & over again to fill time because the Marvel machine has a predetermined destination that they've got to get to. No real room to let things breathe & live.

At this point, I'm totally over the end of credits scenes. We all know the release schedule. Anyone can look things up online. Thor meeting Strange over a beer while saying he needs to find his father,, I don't care long term. And finding out that Mordo will clearly be the villain for Strange's next outing...I don't care there either.

It boggles my mind after seeing it how it did so well on Rotten Tomatoes. It's not bad movie, but it doesn't do anything that distinguishable from the other Marvel movies.


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