>> Saturday, May 6, 2017

Has it really been three years since this was released in theaters? With all the airline shit that has been happening recently, this movie feels completely relevant. Not because it's completely realistic. But because it captures my current feelings of what a shit show it is to be on an airplane because you need to fly. All you want is to get from point A to point B like you planned, but other punks on the plane have different ideas. One wrong word and you're going to be screwed. It kind of reminded me of Speed, where everyone is trapped on the bus; although, it didn't have the element of the protagonist possibly being crazy.

I really enjoyed the who-dun-it aspect of this movie. It wasn't easy to figure out. I'm not sure I buy the motive of the villain/hijacker/terrorist at the end, but this isn't supposed to be a completely realistic movie. Great cast though, which kept me thinking as to who it could possibly be.

This is the first Liam Neeson action-renaissance movie I've seen since he started doing those almost 10 years ago. I've long wanted to see The Grey but just haven't been able to watch it yet.



>> Thursday, May 4, 2017

I remember wanting to see this when it originally came out 10 years ago. (Has it really been that long? Yes...but you know sometimes it just doesn't feel like it.) I think my main reason was because Michelle Pfeiffer was in it. Don't get to see her much at the movies, which is always a shame. She always gives a good performance.

I liked this. I think it's really good, but kind of suffers from a lack of pacing. Everything just seems to happen with equal impact and focus. That and it does seem just a tad long. Like, you could probably trim a little bit more here and there, and it might be better for it. It's not indulgent by any means, but by the time I got to the end I thought everything had taken so long. By the time I got to the end, I had totally forgotten about Peter O'Toole at the beginning because it felt like an eternity. Which isn't to say that I was bored, but...just needed a little bit less of something.

I must say that I was somewhat confused by Charlie Cox's hair in the first half of the movie because it didn't match what was on the poster. It made sense later on, but part of me was slightly mad because it felt like false advertising. Like, it's super flowing, kind of long hair on the poster, and in the first half of the movie he had a normal, non-flowing, short hair cut. Yes, I was disappointed by his hair! And since I'm still nitpicking, Claire Danes lack of eyebrows kind of annoyed me. Like, were they supposed to be super blond eyebrows because she was a star? I don't know. I think she looks better with a little more eyebrow. Otherwise, I really liked her as Yvaine though. And that silver dress she wore at the beginning.

I was kind of surprised that Matthew Vaughn had directed it. I saw Layer Cake so long ago. I've seen X-Men: First Class, which I mostly liked. Sienna Miller pops up in this, and it always makes me think back to 10 years ago when she was the latest ingenue. I remember thinking "why her?" back then. I still think that sometimes when it comes to her, but I think she's much better actress now. But when I saw her in this, "why her?" came to mind once again.


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